Declaw Aftercare Instructions

1.  Use only shredded paper or a paper litter called “Yesterday’s News” (available at most pet stores) for the next 14 days.  Crystal Litter may also be used.  Access to other litter or dirt from potted plants can result in infection.

2.  Offer small amounts of food and water this evening.  If your cat is not interested in food or becomes nauseous, don’t be concerned.  It may take 24-48 hours for your cat’s appetite to return to normal.

3.  Give the pain medicine prescribed to your cat as directed.  If your cat seems weak, lethargic, tired, or not interested in food, do not give more medication as it will make your cat more drowsy.  DO NOT give aspirin or Tylenol.  Both can be fatal to cats.

4.  The morning after surgery, give your cat its pain medication dose, then remove the bandages 20 minutes later.  To remove the bandages, loosen the white tape from the fur at the top of the bandage, and then pull the wrap off like a sock.  Do not try  to unravel the colored bandage, and do not use scissors.  It is easy to cut the cat’s skin.  If you have difficulty removing the bandages, please bring the cat to the clinic.

5.   Check the toes daily for swelling or discharge.  Keep the paws dry.  Call us if the cat  is limping more than 3 days after surgery.  You may notice a green or blue glue on the toes.  This is a skin adhesive used to close the incisions.

6.   The recovery time varies with each cat.  Most will be healed completely in 2-6 weeks.  If your cat is limping more than 3 days after surgery, call us.  Larger, older cats tend to take longer to heal than young, smaller cats.

7.   If the wraps come off early, don’t panic.  Just keep your cat quiet by putting it into a small box or carrier with a towel for padding.  Some bleeding or spotting may occur but will stop as the cat calms down.

Please don’t hesitate to call the clinic with any questions or problems during regular business hours Mon-Fri 7am-6pm.  We will examine your cat at no charge.  Some fees may apply if antibiotics or other treatment is needed.  We will not be responsible for services received at another facility.  WE ARE NOT A 24-HOUR FACILITY.

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